What kind of woman do men like?

What kind of woman do men like? 

This is perhaps the most passionate topic of women in private. Generally women think that women whom men like should be beautiful, clean, gentle and virtuous. In fact, what men desire most is the kind of understanding woman.

An empathetic woman already has a certain understanding of life. She knows that the man lying next to her is her dearest love in this life, but as a man, while he belongs to her, more belongs to himself; she knows that for men, the outside world is indeed better than the family is much larger; she knows that this man loves her very much, but his career and honor can not be abandoned casually. Therefore, an empathetic woman will never treat a man as a private property at all times, will not require a man to obey his own words, will not complain about a man's disregard for his family when he is busy with work, and will never ask a man to be concerned all the time. An empathetic woman knows that a good man is like a kite flying in the sky. Only when the kite is tired and wants to rest, will come back to the woman and remember to enjoy her tenderness.

An empathetic woman knows that men are strong and fragile, and that honor is more important than life. She also knows what restricted areas are in the men's spiritual world, and she is always careful not to enter those restricted areas. If one day, the couple quarreled over something, the empathetic woman would never fight against the man, and would never scold the man like a defeated cock like a shrew.

For this reason, men will be grateful and respectful for such understanding women.

what kind of woman does a man like to be a wife? 
A man with a hope of a family, whether he is a young man, a middle-aged man, or an old man, the wife he is looking for is often like this:

1. The wife should be gentle and demure:

Generally speaking, most men are relatively strong, the ancient Any strong man actually has an extremely vulnerable side deep inside, but they are often unwilling to show it in front of others. To eliminate the fragility in the deep heart of a man, it is absolutely not possible to rely on strength, but on the tenderness of those who can interact with themselves. Such a situation is like a boat sailing in the waves of the sea and needs to rest and recuperate itself in a quiet harbor.

If a man’s strong mentality is traumatized and returns to his home to show his inner fragility, and his wife behaves extremely ruthlessly, she is like a priest or mentor, constantly criticizing him and guiding him, even sarcasm him .Then, this man suddenly felt as if he had just come out of the wind and waves and entered another dangerous beach. He must be extremely frustrated.

Men seek women to be wives, and they often carry utilitarian demands that they do not know. That is, what they scarce, they often want the other party to have. Therefore, because of the inner fragility, the strong-looking man hopes to find a gentle and quiet wife to heal and repair the fragile cracks deep in his heart.

2. Wife can talk about hygiene, but it should not be a cleanliness:
Most men do not like to spend their time on organizing their personal hygiene. They would rather be sweaty and ridiculous and chat with their companions, or would rather indent their feet to smell a quilt for reading, rather than spend time bathing and washing the quilt. 

Why are men mostly messy? 
There must be something in the physiological mechanism that hasn't been proved so far. However, as mentioned above, men looking for wives are often subconsciously looking for objects that can repair their shortcomings. They are very messy and do not like it in their hearts, so they hope to find a woman who loves cleanliness. When a man sees a neat woman all over her body, he feels refreshing and comfortable. This means that if a woman doesn't like cleanliness, or if the clothes on her body don't fit properly, or if she smells sweaty, then men tend to be disgusted.

However, if a woman has a cleansing habit, she is very critical of their hygiene problems when they see a man, and even supervises and criticizes the men’s dirty habits at any time, then this will immediately make the man lose his feeling, and they will immediately be like this Woman disgusted. This disgust is not to hate women's love for hygiene, but to restrict women's freedom. Therefore, women should not only help men to clean up, but also tolerate men's mess properly, and not limit the other party's freedom as a basic criterion.

3. The wife's mind should be broad and kind:
The human heart has a great relationship with the temperament and nervous system of the person, the function of the heart is often closely related to the psychological quality of the person. This means that there is indeed a difference in the energy of psychological tolerance between women and men.

It is the same argument as above, that a man looking for a wife is subconsciously looking for resources that are scarce. Because men are mostly aggressive, so before a man has trained himself to be a person with a high ideological realm and a very broad mind, their aggressive nature often makes him like a cock with cocked hair all day long. However, no matter how aggressive men are, they often want their spouse to be a very broad-minded person or a very kind person. In this way, the wife will be able to point the maze when she is aggressive.

In fact, due to physiological differences, the tolerance qualities of women and men are fundamentally different. The tolerance of a man comes from his summary, perception and refinement of life experience. This is a kind of rational tolerance; the foundation of a woman's tolerance and literacy is kindness. If you look down further, women's kindness mostly comes from their natural love and understanding sensitive temperament. This means that when a woman sees that someone she likes is suffering from some kind of difficulty, she will consciously help their lover get rid of the predicament. Their kindness and love nature make them look at the problem differently, so if Lovers get into trouble because of combativeness, and women often persuade their lovers to take a step back to get around. Although this is a negative method, once this negative method is applied to reality, it often has the effect of another village. This happens to be a scarce resource for a combative man, so they will quickly get out of the situation and be very grateful to their wives.

Women should not play the role of "war staff" in front of their husbands, because it will make men lose their sense of security, and feel that their families and their women are both battlefields and warriors, so he will respect his wife from now on. In essence, it is a kind of alertness and alienation.

Therefore, when a man is complaining about his wife, his wife is best to act as an audience, because the man does not want his wife to be his accomplice, he is just venting his depression and ideals. That is to say, once a mature wife hears her husband's spitting and spitting all kinds of complaints and ideal speeches, she will better look at him tenderly and become his loyal listener. 

4. Wife should not restrict her husband's freedom of movement:
A capable man definitely has his own small circle and a small world of his own career. Even sometimes, he will suddenly have a very naive affection for a woman. If a woman often interferes with her husband to go to a party with friends, or refuses to entertain her husband’s friends at home, then the man will lose face and he will hate his wife. Women should always remember the truth, even if their activities are focused on the virtual circle of friends, they will still be responsible and committed to their families.

If a man has a career he is struggling with, his wife should properly judge the significance and probability of success of such a career. If it is a good thing, the wife should support her husband more linguistically and financially, or say more about understanding and supporting him. In this way, men will feel that their wives are the driving force for their struggle. Perhaps the wife does not understand anything about her husband’s career, but what the husband needs is often not the wife’s actual help, but spiritual understanding and support.

5. Wife is a decent sexy:
Although young men are mostly like wild beasts in sexual desire, or like a bull in heat in spring, they are full of passion and impulse. This means that young men rarely care about the art of sexual life between husband and wife. They more often regard their wives as objects to satisfy their strong sexual desires; young women care about flirting with their husbands. They feel that flirting is more important than having sex pleasure. It can be seen from this that the huge differences in men's and women's psychology in youth are often an important reason for the contradiction between young couples. It's just that such young couples have sexual and psychological contradictions, and neither of them knows clearly. Therefore, when they describe their contradictions to the outside world, they mostly use explanations of disharmony. This of course is not that they are lying, but that they cannot find the root cause of their sexual psychology.

However, men's sexual passion can only last until the age of 30. After the age of 30, men's sexual interest will gradually decline. At this time, men hope to get sexual satisfaction from the wife's passion. After his wife turned 30, his temperament doubled. The sexual physiology and psychology of men and women are like the sine and cosine waves in the electrical energy output match each other-when young men are rich in sexual physiology, young women are more concerned about the love of sexual psychology; when 30 When men after the age begin to pay attention to sexual psychological love, women begin to care about the passion of sexual physiology. Therefore, if the couple cannot understand each other's irresistible laws of natural body and mind, then they are prone to conflicts and contradictions.

Nature is fair. Although women are passive in sexual physiology, they are active in sexual psychology. This means that the initiative of harmonious psychological love between husband and wife is always controlled by his wife. Therefore, it is best for a wife to adapt to her husband’s sexual passion in youth, but once the husband starts to enjoy sex In psychological love, it is best for a wife to maintain the passionate and sexual love. In this way, the husband will be physically and psychologically satisfied, and his heart will be tightly tied by his wife.

Of course, what needs to be reminded here is that women should use sexual love to continually tune their husbands, and they should never be excessively debauchery, because once this happens, the husband will be vigilant to his wife, worrying that she will be the same outside. The so-called debauchery is to understand what you want to say boldly and confidently, and do what you want to do, but debauchery is by no means casual.

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