Best Ways To Make Your Long-Term Marriage life Happier

Manually manage marriage in old age
More than ten years of getting along with each other have made middle-aged couples see each other clearly. Initially, sweet and passionate love has gradually calmed down. The marriage seems to have entered a tired period, which has made many 40-year-old women sad and doubtful. However, women who are good at managing marriage still have satisfaction and happiness! 

The four stages of marriage 

After forty years of age, physiology has matured and psychology has become more and more perfect. Personality and taste have been fully exposed and formed a certain degree of stereotypes. After more than ten years of living together, the husband and wife have understood each other more fully and truly realized the taste of marriage: happiness, encouragement and sweetness, as well as depression, loss, and pain. Therefore, love in middle age is a sign of the future marriage trend. If you don't care, you will bury the existing marriage. The faint life after the splendid fading, and the direct collision with the colorful events, in reality, will cast a gray layer on the marriage life of middle-aged people. 

Marriage can be divided into four phases: the first phase is "the years of passion burning", and the vigorous love makes the two invincible on the journey; the second phase begins to be at a loss, and finds that he does not know what his spouse is thinking; the third phase is During the quarrel, the two found that the road was going down, but it was easy for them to quarrel, and they always dissatisfied with each other’s performance; the fourth stage became calmer, and the two finally got used to each other, and the road signs in their hearts became more and more clear, so More tolerant and tacit, just holding hands and going on. The marriage of a 40-year-old woman is basically in the third stage, so please remain optimistic, you still have a successful fourth stage that can be reached. 

Dress him up while dressing himself, always be a pair of people in the eyes of friends. Or, simply go shopping for clothes together on weekends, and of course, don’t just look at yourself. You are not afraid that he will always be young and handsome because you have not lost your confidence! 

Details of business marriage 

1. More understanding: Unsatisfactory things are inevitable. The key is to be considerate of your lover, treat your lover in good faith, and avoid saying things that hurt the other party or make you regret it. Only in this way can big things become small, small things can happen, and family harmony can be maintained. 

2. Details express love: Help him to tidy his tie before going to work in the morning and help him to pluck his hair; to cook some of his favorite dishes after getting off work at night... The small details of love will also make him feel warm. 

3. Dress yourself up: Increasing the opposite gender characteristics can strengthen the mutual attraction between husband and wife. Men are visual animals. In order to eliminate the husband’s aesthetic fatigue, change your stereotyped image. Perhaps you will find that you can also become colorful. 

4. Open your heart and communicate: Allow at least three or four hours a week to communicate with your loved ones and make it your exclusive time. When communicating, be open and honest with each other, but do not carry emotional exaggeration, or just blame each other. Try to analyze self What are the shortcomings, why do these problems occur, etc. 

Measures to manage marriage 

1. Material means: Couples can often use gifts to express their feelings for each other, even a bouquet of flowers, a piece of underwear, and a box of snacks. 

2. travel together: If every day is like a pool of backwaters, you can choose to take a trip to a scenic spot or a special place during holidays. Fresh experiences will definitely make you feel special in your heart. 

Final tips for managing marriage

When he wants to be alone, don't bother him. He may need to think quietly, so don’t express your concern, and walk away quietly is to consider and understand him.

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