Reasons Why You Should Wear Cotton Made Clothing | Tips for Healthy Breasts

This post is recommended to women because here we have discussed topics related to women. In this blog post, we are going to discussed Cotton clothes, cotton wearings, cotton types, . You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Natural fiber and the advantages and disadvantages of Chemical fibers, Tips for cotton Cloths, The correct  Cotton fabrics washing method, Some detail about Breast and Types of bras, Choosing the Suitable Bra, Tips to find a bra that fits boosts your health and Some Bras wearing tips.

what is special about cotton that makes it so comfortable to wear?
Cotton clothes are the first choice of everyone. All of you are not unfamiliar with this term cotton, which shows that people are increasingly inclined to natural materials when choosing to clothe. Cotton cloth indicates simplicity and true color. Cotton clothing is not only healthy but also a taste of returning to nature. In the dazzling family of clothes, you must also have absolutely necessary cotton in your closet?

Health details of Natural Fibers

Types of clothing wool, hemp, silk, cotton are natural fibers, and polyester, polypropylene, and acrylic are chemical fibers. For skin health natural fiber is very beneficial to the human body. The natural fibers are discussed in detail below with advantages and disadvantages

Silk Natural fiber: The advantages of silk are that it is Cool, beautiful, and comfortable and the disadvantage is that it can only be dry cleaned, otherwise it will easily fade and deform. 

Linen Natural Fiber: Advantages of Linen are High strength, good hygroscopicity (reaction with moisture contents in the air), not easy to fade, soft and generous tone, and the disadvantages are:  elasticity is poor, the wrinkle resistance and wear resistance are poor, and there is a tingling sensation.

Wool Natural fiber: The advantages of wool are: anti-wrinkle and wear-resistant, soft and elastic, elegant and crisp, keep warm. 
The disadvantage is that the washing is more difficult and not suitable for summer clothes. 

Cotton Natural Fiber: Cotton is mostly used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear, and shirts, its advantages are easy to keep warm, soft and close to the body, strong moisture absorption, and good breathability.

The disadvantage of cotton is that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle, the appearance is not crisp and beautiful as a result of much use, it is damaged and shabby after long use. Cotton fabrics are also anti-static and are generally used for underwear.

Cotton underwear is best

Disadvantages of using chemical fibers as underwear:
It is recommended to females not to wear chemical fiber underwear because it is poor in breathability (moisture absorption ability of fabric). Chemical fiber underwear is not conducive to tissue metabolism of the genitals, and it is easy to cause bacterial growth and reproduction, thereby causing inflammation of the vulva or vagina. 

advantages of using cotton as underwear:
Women should try to choose cotton underwear with good moisture absorption ability, You will feel comfortable in Underwear of cotton. When buying underwear, look at the cotton content of the label, and do not buy products with a too low cotton content.

How to Choose best Cotton underwear tips?

colored cotton underwear is only light brown and light green. Brightly colored cotton underwear on the market is not able to be believed. The color of cotton underwear is light, the gloss or shining of cotton underwear is not very good. 

The identification of cotton fabrics using different methods

The identification of cotton fabrics mainly depends on feel, gloss, and burning. Cotton fabrics are soft to the touch, dull, and look more contracted; while chemical fiber products are more shiny compared with cotton fabrics.  When cotton is used to burn it becomes ash and the chemical fiber becomes lumps.

The specific identification methods of cotton fabrics are discussed below.
1. pure cotton identification method: 
The gloss is soft, the hand feels soft, has a warm feeling, the elasticity is weak, it is easy to wrinkle, and there are obvious creases after the hand is pinched. But now there is a kind of mercerized cotton, which is actually a kind of pure cotton. Due to a mercerizing process  (imparting strength and luster) , mercerized cotton is very shiny. 

2. Polyester cotton identification method:
The luster is bright, the cloth surface is clean, it feels smooth and straight, it has a certain elasticity, the creases are not obvious after the hands are pinched, and the recovery is faster. 

3. Viscose cotton identification method:
The luster is soft and bright, the hand is soft, the color is bright, and there are obvious creases after the nip. Cotton clothes are washed properly Cotton clothes are not elastic and will twist when washed. 

The correct  Cotton fabrics washing method

Steps involve in cotton fabric washing methods are:
After soaking with natural soap powder, gently dip the brush in water, not too hard.
  1. Do not rub while floating, carry a few times back and forth, and change the water several times. Don't twist when taking out the middle, fold it out and squeeze out the water, and wait for the water to clear before rinsing. 
  2. Hang with a hanger when drying, so that there will be no pleats. 
  3. Except for white, other colors of cotton fabrics should not be washed with detergents containing bleaching ingredients, so as not to cause discoloration; do not pour washing powder directly on cotton fabrics, so as to avoid partial discoloration. 

Tips for cotton Cloths

Cotton white clothes will lose their luster after being washed several times. The best way to restore the bright feeling is to boil and wash: boil water in a large pot, add washing powder, immerse the clothes in about 30 minutes. 

Health Tips for wearing Bras

Wear a bra correctly, and keep the line healthy. Women wear bras since maturity. The bra plays the role of protecting and beautifying the breasts, on the other handbra also damages the health of women more or less. In middle age, the chest is certainly deformed, and a series of health problems caused by wearing bras for a long time observed. So you need to have a proper and correct approach to protect both health and lines.

Bra syndrome Long-term use of narrowband bras or bras too small and too tight to wear, the shoulder and back muscles will age due to excessive fatigue and blood circulation disorders as a result you will feel Chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, shoulder discomfort, manifested as shoulder and back pain, numbness of the upper limbs, acupuncture when the head and neck rotate. 

Observation had shown that the local muscles of the shoulder and back, like latissimus dorsi (back problem), and sternocleidomastoid muscle, show different degrees of aging, and the cervical spine shows hypertrophic changes. Clinically, this type of symptom is called "bra syndrome". Improper use of bras can also cause concave nipples, blocked breasts, and breast pain.

Some detail about Breast and Types of bras

The type of bra is based on tow parts the bust size and cup size.
What is Bust Size: Bust refers to the length around the breast along the nipple, and the lower bust (i.e the size of the bra) is the length around the breast. 
What is Cup size: refers to the difference between the female bust minus the lower bust. When choosing a bra, you should have a clear understanding of your size. Bra cups can be divided into three types: 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup, and a full cup. 
What is 1/2 cup bra: The entire bra is hemispherical. Due to its poor stability, the lifting effect is not strong, and it is suitable for people with small breasts.
What is 3/4 cup bra: It is the best style in the bra design. The chest 1/4 is exposed, showing the cleavage, sexy and charming. Insert the cotton upside down or diagonally, with the stress on the shoulder strap. Anybody shape is suitable. 
What is Full-cup bra: The whole shape is spherical, which can accommodate all breasts in the cup. It is suitable for women with plump and soft flesh, sagging breasts, or wide, with strong support and lifting effect.

Choosing the Suitable Bra and Some Bras wearing tips

How to judge whether the bra is suitable or not. If the shoulder strap is stretched into the shoulder, you should wear a bra with a wider shoulder strap or a wire underneath. The breast protrudes from the upper part of the cup, indicating that the cup is too small or too pointed. If there are protrusions under the armpit, the bra's body is too small or the sides are too narrow.  Here some tips are given below which will help you to wear bras suitable for you.

1. Try to choose a loose bra: Wearing a bra that is too small and too tight for a long time will affect the local blood and lymph circulation and induce various breast diseases. 

2. Don't wear bra for too long: Bras should not be worn for more than 12 hours during the day, do not wear bras when sleeping, and there is no need to wear bras when you are not at home. When wearing a bra for a long time during the day, it is best to massage the breast at night to promote its blood circulation. 

3. Bra strap should be moderate in width: When the neck and shoulders and upper limbs are moving, the narrow bra band will press the muscle tissue, resulting in blood circulation disorders. 

4.Try to choose a cotton bra: Bras with chemical fiber texture are poorly ventilated. In addition to easily inducing skin allergies, the filaments they produce easily enter the breast through the breast pores. Over time, they will block the breast and nipple, causing breast disease.

Wear beautiful Bras other tips

1. Choose a full-cup bra that is one size larger than usual, and try to use steel rings and bras with enhanced functions on the side, supported from bottom to top. But be careful, the width of the shoulder strap should be Can bear the weight of the support, and the breasts must be filled into the cup. 

2. The breasts are petite. The bra should be slightly larger, the cup shape is small and deep, and the lower part has a thick cotton pad. There are many types of chest enhancements available on the market, such as massage bras. You can also choose a shaped cup bra. 

3. Chest fullness type. Light, thin and silky bras are suitable for plump ladies, preferably deep cups, full cups, wide shoulder straps, and steel wire supports. 

4. External chest, fleshy underarms. The front buckle design makes it easier to gather the double breasts, forming a cleavage, and a reinforced lining under the armpits, which can effectively tighten the two rib fat. 

Final bra Tips
If you use the same bra every day, the life expectancy is about 1 month. If the two pieces are used interchangeably, it is 3 months. The bra will wear out if worn for too long, so it should be replaced after some time.

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