Women should Keep calm and don't get angry

As wives and mothers, some women often get angry at home, ranging from bluffing and shouting, to falling things, and even to violence, which makes husbands and children unconsciously afraid and avoid, which makes them very upset. Therefore, when anger occurs, you need to calm yourself down. 

Why do people get angry?

When people encounter angry things, their heartbeat will accelerate in 7-10 seconds-this is the most important performance and an important factor affecting other reactions. Following this, the breathing rate will also increase 
The blood vessels contract, causing the blood pressure to rise, and the body begins to strain... and then it will start to get angry. According to experts, 80% of our anger is caused by ourselves." 

First of all, people who are angry are often inclined to act, that is, it is easy to express their ideas with actions rather than words, and this method of venting anger with actions is more likely to have a destructive effect. Secondly, people who have temper tantrums often have more inner conflicts and more conflicting emotions, which leads to demanding and dissatisfaction with others, and anger is easily triggered. In the end, when they lose their temper, they cannot understand their feelings of being injured after violent anger, but only content themselves with their impulsive emotions. 

Is anger true for you at 40? 
When the anger is burning, you should still find ways to alleviate and eliminate it.

When a person gets angry, the circulatory system, nervous system, and endocrine system will be stimulated and excited to change abnormally, resulting in long spots, accelerated aging of brain cells, gastric ulcers, myocardial hypoxia, liver and lung injury, and may also Cause hyperthyroidism and damages the immune system. Therefore, anger is harmful to health and appearance. 

To make your mood calm and happy, you can do this 

Show gratitude: In doing so, others will feel happy, and you will feel better about yourself.

Always smile: No matter to acquaintances or strangers, smiles are always a panacea to resolve conflicts. 

how to keep calm in anger situations

1. Listen patiently: Richard Carlson said: "Be calm and understand others." Before the anger is vented, if you give the other party a chance to explain, the results may be different. Even if your husband, children, or friends do something that makes you angry, you will definitely have your own reasons. You have to try to think from the perspective of the other party. 

2. Leave the environment that makes you angry: There is a fierce struggle in your heart, and when it is really unbearable, you can quickly escape from the "crime scene". After changing the environment and distracting your attention, your emotions will be calmer, at least you can avoid the consequences of conflicts in person and maintain your good image.

3. Express anger in words: No matter how angry you are, you can't get out of control. You need to use more language to express, and at the same time to improve your language skills to reflect your emotions delicately and accurately. For example, you can learn some words that describe emotions, such as "I feel hurt", "I am angry because I am sad", etc. 

4. Change identity to experience; You may wish to exchange your identity with your family or colleagues when you are in a good mood, let the other person play the role of an angry person, and let yourself experience the feeling of injury.

Will converge when angry. "Do not do what you don't want to do to others" is the reason. The practice has found that this is a relatively effective method. 

There is really no control, and there is anger, and apology is a good way to recover. A sincere "sorry" is more useful, but it can't be angry every time and then apologize.

Conclusion: When you encounter something that makes you angry, you should discuss the matter, not digress, and do not draw conclusions to the other person, because no one wants others to make a negative evaluation of him (her). Tough advice often hurts and creates resistance. Even if you are not malicious, your relationship has been damaged.

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