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Your child may be in middle school and in adolescence. He/she may be lively and cheerful, and get along well with you; may also be "rebellious" and "disobedient", causing you to hurt your brain or even hurt heart. In such an important growth stage of a child, the mother needs to maintain communication with him/her, give help and guidance.

Don't be a complain

Housewives often pay a lot in silence, without being valued and understood by their families. A housewife who has lost her self and vitality will surely tire her husband, and the silent sacrifice is actually unconsciously asking the other party for the price.

It is not necessary to have too high expectations of husbands and children. Idealistic women often regard imagination as hope and reality. Excessive expectations usually bring greater disappointment. Disappointed housewives are not satisfied with everything, and everything is not going well.

How to maintain a good family?

All in all, in addition to being good at housework and taking care of family members, middle-aged women should get rid of negative psychology and bad emotions, treat themselves better, and be a happy housewife.

Healthy Tips Happy housewife

When the husband and children are at home on the weekend, you can start them all and do the house cleaning together instead of doing it alone. Everyone will work together to do a good job of home hygiene, and let them know what you are doing every day, so that you can better understand each other.

Tips to be a Happy housewife

1. Elaborate cuisine. If your time and energy allow, you can make beauty for yourself, for husband, for children, for parents food. Cooking food itself is a process of enjoyment. When you see your family like to eat, you will naturally feel more happy and contented.

2. Find a friend. After the housework is over, find a friend to go to the park; or go shopping, buy one of your favorite clothes, dress yourself up, this is also a manifestation of loving yourself. As long as they are confident, happy and energetic, the family will be happy.

3. Listen to music and read books. The effect of music on people's psychological relaxation, soothing and purification is obvious, and books can make you more fulfilling. Nothing to do, listen to a music album, read a prose or novel, you can feel free of time.

Heart Yoga For Healthy life of housewives

1. Sit with your legs close together, sit on your heels with your hips, look straight at your eyes, drop your arms naturally, and put your hands on your thighs.

2. Bend your arms around your chest and hold your elbow joints with your palms.

3 Bend forward, raise your head slightly, open your forearms forward, hands with your fingers crossed, palms inward, separate your elbows, put your hands and your forearms on the ground, and support them on the ground.

4. Lift the hips, head on the ground, close the back of the head to the palms of the fingers, contract the abdominal muscles, push the crotch backward, stretch the back, and breathe for 1 to 3 times.

Decompression yoga for housewife health

1. Stand upright, raise your chest and raise your head, look straight at your eyes, spread your feet apart, slightly wider than your shoulders, and naturally hang your arms on both sides of your body.

2. Keep your body upright, with your hands intersecting your fingers behind your back, palms facing each other.

3. Inhale, keep your legs straight; exhale, flex your upper body downward, move your chest, abdomen, and head closer to the middle of your legs, stretch your arms as far back as you can, and interlock your hands with your fingers, straighten your arms. Maintain this position, after breathing for 3 to 6 times, return to a standing position, and relax for 3 to 6 breaths. Repeat the entire process 3 to 6 times.

Final Health tips

Those housewives suffering from high blood pressure, dizziness, cerebral thrombosis, heart disease or conjunctivitis are prohibited from doing the above-mentioned decompression yoga. This form requires a certain amount of arm strength and is not suitable for people with weak constitutions.

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