how to balance work and family tips for women

A middle-aged woman will have multiple roles at the same time, such as wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, boss, colleague... You who work between the work and the family will often lose sight of each other, or make a mess, so you Physically and mentally exhausted and at a loss.  Everyone has 24 hours a day. If you can make reasonable arrangements and be methodical, everything will become better. 

The conflict between work and family 

The husband’s career is in the ascending period, and it is difficult to take care of the family; while the adolescent child, you need to pay special attention to learning and growth; you may already be the backbone in the unit, or the competitiveness may be reduced, and the work requires a lot of energy and time. . So, how can you take care of your family while working? This seems to be a contradiction in which fish and bear paws are difficult to balance. 

Do not be a full-time housewife In real life, full-time housewives often include the following: The economic foundation is superior, and work is not necessary; The husband’s career needs support, and he can only do everything for the family and give up work and concentrate on housework; When people reach middle age, they often suffer setbacks at work and passively give up their jobs. In fact, there are many 40-year-old women who choose to become full-time housewives because they lose their competitiveness or for other reasons. 

However, women’s experts believe that a 40-year-old woman is not a good choice as a full-time housewife. This is because: in addition to the roles of wife and mother, you are still a woman and should have her own independent development space. Therefore, a 40-year-old woman should intelligently coordinate the relationship between work and family. 

Matters should be prioritized, and the most important things must be resolved first. If you want to handle all things at the same time, the result can only be that everything is not handled well. May wish to make a list according to the importance of things, and then deal with the things listed first, those things that you think are not important can not be done or left to others to do.

Draw a line Work only when working, only deal with family affairs at home, try not to work on weekends. Extra activities, such as banquets, lectures, etc., are not compulsory to go, it is best not to participate in ... to draw the line is good for work, and fair to family. In addition, the commitment to the family must be made.  Not tired if you have fun People are often not exhausted, but annoying. 

Do the things you really like, you can play to the highest level. If you can have fun from it, you can recover easily even if you are tired. At work, you feel fun; at home, you enjoy the feeling of being a housewife, then you are balanced. 

Establish a support system: There are only 24 hours a day, and everyone feels that time is not enough. If you are too busy, you must send a "distress signal" to your parents, relatives or friends, or ask a nanny to do housework. Like a tree, the more developed the root system and the more nutrients, the higher it grows.

Communicate with your family: Make a necessary communication and explanation with the family, let the family understand your responsibilities in this job, and the effort required to obtain family understanding and support. At the same time, tell your family about your hard work, grievances, and difficulties to get their help. In this communication process, your family will also express their feelings, and both sides will feel that each other can support each other. Fine time management At the end of each day, write down what you have done all day, in units of 15 minutes. 

After an analysis at the end of the week, how do you schedule your time more efficiently next week? Does the activity account for too much of it? Is there a way to improve efficiency? 

Good body as motivation:
People are often prone to make a common mistake: only after overwork can you really appreciate the meaning of health. Take care of your health! When you are busy at work and at home, only A healthy body can only have enough energy to be competent and can live more efficiently. 

Conclusion: There is no specific answer to balancing the relationship between work and family. The key is to suit yourself and do what you are happy to do. After all, happiness is the most important thing.

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