women tend to like serious men

Many women tend to like serious men. When a man is particularly attentive to do a thing, that seriousness often touches the woman and makes the woman thrilled.

Women tend to attract the eyes of this serious man through their own efforts, hoping that he will praise her. Because women often think that a dedicated man will also love her exclusively, she hopes that this man can throw away his briefcase as soon as possible. But when the man really put down his job to find her, she would get bored again, because what she saw was no longer the original one.

Men can have no tall body, no innate conditions such as handsome appearance, but they can have a sense of responsibility, love, filial piety, a positive and optimistic attitude, and a serious attitude towards everything. A serious man is also very attractive. A serious man is not only serious about his work but also very emotionally focused. They are persistent in their dreams, confident in life, and not afraid of setbacks. Women like men's strength and are fascinated by it.

People need to be serious but don’t be too serious. For example, when someone talks to you, they say the wrong word. If you explain the word wrongly, you will embarrass the other party. Sometimes you need to be serious, but sometimes you don’t need to. Over-seriousness will become more real, and it will arouse others’ disgust. Others will feel that you are deliberately looking for ballast and may alienate you. Besides, it is very annoying for a man to be blushing with others for small things. In short, seriousness is a rare charm in men and an aspect in which women like men.

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